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Static Form Assignment

Emergent pixel patterns from a bezier curve with two stationary control points and moving anchor points. See the source code here. These patterns are due to a bug in the Java 2D default renderer. Adding P2D as a third argument to size() produces different patterns. There are a lot of lines in the code, but it only took a few minutes to produce.


Write three sketches each portraying one of three different terms from the list below.


These sketches should use the drawing functions discussed in class, using colors and alpha transparency, etc. Use the Processing reference to learn about more drawing functions if you like. You can use the template included below.

This assignment is a “dumb” exercise to help you:

  1. become acquainted using the Processing IDE,
  2. become accustomed to writing code,
  3. see how changing function arguments (parameters) affects the geometric output,
  4. learn the one-step-removed workflow of changing code, testing, changing code again, etc.

It can be tedious, but it’s simple. Copy/paste is your friend. You can also use a spreadsheet like Excel to produce series of related numbers quickly.


This assignment is inspired by classic exercises given to graphic design students first learning typography. One such example is found at Thinking With Type, a companion to the book of the same name by Ellen Lupton. I highly recommend the print book as an introduction to typography and graphic design.


  1. evolution
  2. motion
  3. tension/compression
  4. density
  5. metamorphose (think Escher’s morphing tesselations)
  6. growth
  7. transfiguration
  8. mutation
  9. differentiation
  10. topology


Three sketches, submitted to the classes server in accordance with the instructions found here.



Assigned on: 19 January 2011

Due on: 27 January 2011


void setup(){
  size( 800, 500 );

void draw(){
  // This background function makes sure that
  // the sketch is cleared each animation frame,
  // so colors with alpha transparency don't become 
  // dark. You can, of course, change the background 
  // color to whatever you want.
  background( 255 );

  // Put your drawing functions here.